Colloquium Programme

Saturday, May 8th, 2004




9.00 – 9.10      Opening


9.10 – 11.00    Section: Steel structures

(Chairmen: Prof. R. Tremblay & Prof. M. Zandonini)


Numerical modelling of the static response of stainless steel sections

M. Ashraf, L. Gardner & D.A. Nethercot




Performance of base-plate connections of steel storage pallet racks

N. Baldassino & R. Zandonini




Imperfection sensitivity of steel runway girders

N. Băluţ




Present concepts regarding the assessment of the remaining fatigue life of steel bridges in România

R. Băncilă & E. Petzek




The influence of initial imperfections on the behaviour of thin-walled girders welded of slender plate elements

Zd. Kala, J. Kala, M. Skaloud & B. Teply




The behaviour of eccentrically braced frames with short links

H. Koeber & S. Dima




Cold-formed steel structures: Advances in research and design

R. Landolfo, F.M. Mazzolani & L. Fiorino




Fatigue behaviour of thin-walled cold-formed steel profiles

J. Lindner & K. Glaesser




S – N Curves for steel plate girders with breathing webs

M. Skaloud & M. Zörnerová




Recent Aluminum Structures in Colombia

G. Valencia



11.00 – 11.20 Coffee break


11.20 – 13.10 Section: Stability of steel structures

(Chairmen: Prof. J. Lindner & Prof. M. Pignataro)


Some simple thoughts on buckling

T. Barta




Stability and strength of thin-walled cold-formed members

E. Batista




GBT-Based Analysis and Design of Thin-Walled Metal and FRP Members: Recent Developments

D. Camotim, N. Silvestre, R. Goncalves & P.B. Dinis




Simple models for degenerate cusp catastrophes

Zs. Gaspar & P. Verkonyi




Typical failure modes of some single layered reticulated shells

A. Ivan & M. Ivan




Buckling behaviour of rectangular closed cross sectional members

M. Ivanyi & A. Fulop




Lateral-torsional buckling of steel beams

D. Mateescu & V. Ungureanu




Inelastic buckling analysis of aluminium shells

F.M. Mazzolani & A. Mandara




Coupled instabilities in a two-bar frame: a qualitative approach

M. Pignataro, N. Rizzi & G. Ruta




Dynamic Instability of Autonomous Imperfect Discrete Systems

I.G. Raftoyiannis & A.N. Kounadis




Imperfections and computational modelling of cold-formed steel members

J. Rondal, D. Dubina & V. Ungureanu




Some aspects of lattice shells instabilities by continuum modelling

J. Sumec & I. Veghova



13.10 – 14.30 Lunch break


14.30 – 16.00 Section: Concrete and composite structures

(Chairmen: Prof. M. Girardin & Prof. A. Plumier)


Structural design of flexural concrete members reinforced/strengthened with FRP

M. A. Aiello & L. Ombres




Rheological effects in the analysis of interaction between reinforced concrete space frames, foundations and foundation soil

D. Anastasescu




Efficient solutions for rehabilitation of two buildings affected by seismic action

C. Bob at all.




Effect of the actual distribution of applied stresses on global buckling of isotropic and transversely isotropic thin-walled members

L. De Lorenzis & A. La Tegola




Full scale testing and analysis of innovative techniques for seismic up-grading of RC buildings

F. M. Mazzolani, G. Della Corte & B. Faggiano




Composite columns to mitigate soft storey in reinforced concrete structures submitted to earthquake

A. Plumier, L. Stoychev & C. Doneux




Experimental studies on structural elements

V. Stoian, D. Dan, M. Mosoarca & T. Nagy-Gyorgy








16.00 – 16.20 Coffee break


16.20 – 18.30 Section: Seismic Engineering

(Chairmen: Prof. H. Akiyama & Prof. F.M. Mazzolani)


Interaction of seismic design and wind design in high-rise buildings

H. Akyama




Multi-level earthquake design of steel frames: a designer view

A. Anastasiadis & M. Mosoarca




Metal shear panels for seismic-resistant structures

G. De Matteis & F. M. Mazzolani




Performance based design criteria for steel MR frames

F. Dinu, A. Stratan, A. Ciutina, D. Grecea & D. Dubina




Seismic performance of thin-walled building structures

D. Dubina, V. Ungureanu, L. Fulop & M. Cristutiu




Pre-normative research at JRC-ELSA towards the approval and updating of the Eurocodes

M. Geradin & A. Pinto




Seismic strengthening of building and seismic instrumentation – two priorities for seismic risk reduction in Romania

D. Lungu, A. Aldea, S. Demetriu & I. Craifaleanu




The influence of the local soil conditions on the seismic response of the buildings in Timisoara Area

M. Marin & Al. Boldurean




Research on seismic behaviour of steel structures

G. Mateescu & A. Moldovan




Comparison of simplified procedures for nonlinear seismic analysis of structures

T. Postelnicu & D. Zamfirescu




An innovative bracing configuration for improved seismic response

R. Tremblay, M. Ben Ftima & R. Sabelli





18.30 – 18.35 Closing